Information on the New Kia Rio

The All New 2017 Kia Rio

It isn’t every year that Kia updates and remodels its signature Rio, but the 2017 model received significant upgrades and redesigns, making this model one of the most attractive options in its price range. As the last time the Rio was given a full redesign was back in 2012, the 2017 version looks much different than its predecessor. Here’s what the new Rio offers.


A New Design

New Kia Rio

The new design back in 2012 was significant, but Kia took the 2017 model in a completely new direction. The new Rio has a more aggressive look. Kia decided to emphasize its width and leanness by making it slightly longer and wider than the previous model. And the headlights are a bit thinner and sleeker.


New Kia Rio InteriorInside the 2017 Rio is much different than the previous model, and the infotainment system has been upgraded. Offering both Apple Carplay and Android Auto, the new ‘floating’ system rises up above the dashboard of the car.

There is more space on the inside of the car. And the European model is offering a ‘red pack’ package of red-colored faux leather seats.

While the 2017 model isn’t expected to be released in the United States until 2017, the Paris Auto Show gave us a good idea of what to expect from the new Rio, and it’s much different than the previous model.


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