Kia Takes Steps to Become a Greener Automotive Company

Greener Automotive Company

As the world pushes to increase environmental regulations, more and more automakers are taking note of the trend and adjusting accordingly. Kia is one of those companies. As the automaker has made a considerable push toward making the company more environmentally friendly. Here are just a few steps that Kia is taking to become a greener automotive company.

One major step that Kia is taking is to waste fewer raw materials. Since 2014, Kia has been able to achieve a 12.4% per-unit reduction in the volume of raw materials consumed such as steel and paint. However, it isn’t only steel and paint. Kia has also reduced the amount of water that they use in production by 5.5%.

As for emissions, Kia is reducing those as well. Kia is the first Korean automaker to allow a third-party inspector to come in and analyze its emissions. What was found is that Kia has reduced its carbon emissions by 2.8% annually. The emissions from Kia vehicles in general have dropped 53% since 2003.

As Kia moves forward with its environmental plan, look for other companies to begin to model their approaches on that of Kia’s. It has been highly effective thus far, and the emissions will only continue to drop.

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