Check Out Kia’s Ski Gondola Concept at SEMA

Kia Sorento Ski Gondola


The SEMA Show in Las Vegas is always the site of some very interesting concept vehicles. Automakers cerate the most unique vehicles imaginable and while there were some fantastic creations, Kia took top prize this year. Kia’s Ski Gondola Concept was designed to take on snow- and ice-covered roads with ease.

The Ski Gondola Concept is far from your average vehicle. In fact, if it weren’t for the body, the concept wouldn’t even look like a vehicle. The wheels are large triangles designed to traverse the slickest roads imaginable.

In addition to the odd, yet functional, shape, the wheels are also wrapped in a rubber coating that allows for better grip. This model was clearly designed to traverse mountains, just as the name implies.

Based on the Kia Sorento, the Ski Gondola Concept boasts plenty of interior cargo space as well as room for equipment on the top of the vehicle. Skis, poles, boots, and snowboards can all fit inside with plenty of room for passengers.

Inside, the concept model brings a custom dashboard and door panels, a center console with a tablet, and black and orange leather accents. The interior is also designed for heavy snowfall with a waterproof Line-X covering throughout.

We at Crown Kia of Longview hope to see the Ski Gondola Concept influence other utility-driven vehicles!

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