How to Declutter Your Car

It happens to everyone. You figure there’s no big deal in leaving a bit of fast food trash or your gym bag in your vehicle. You’ll get it later. But then you don’t, and suddenly you’re left with a situation where you have to declutter your car and don’t know where to start. But it’s easier than you’d think.

declutter your car

Take Care of Trash First

The first thing you need to do is manage your trash. A lot of us live on the go, so garbage is inevitable, but you can manage this by tossing everything that’s already sitting in your car and then keeping up with it by utilizing zip-loc or grocery bags at miniature trash bags.

Keep Only What You Need

Now that the trash is gone, what do you absolutely need to have in your car? Remove everything but that. It’s normal to have things like an extra pair of clothes, blankets, or the kids’ extracurricular materials in the car.

Organize Your Belongings

Use things like collapsible bins in the trunk, shower caddies, and even file folders in the console to organize the things you kept in step two. A system is important!

Taking steps to declutter your car can seem difficult, but once you have the mess taken care of and organized, you’ll feel much better.

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