Best Road Trips to Take in Your Kia Sorento

2018 Kia Sorento SXL Limited

Summer is the perfect time for road trips, and with a capable vehicle like the Kia Sorento the possibilities seem endless.

Pack up your Kia Sorento and get ready for one of the best road trips of your life.


Near – Dinosaur Valley State Park


If you’re looking for a brief weekend getaway and are starting near Crown Kia of Longview in East Texas, you’ll enjoy a trip to Dinosaur Valley State Park. Once you arrive, you’ll walk along the Paluxy River just outside of Fort Worth where you can see actual dinosaur tracks in the river.


Farther – Hill Country Hideaways in Texas


If you’re a Texas resident and want to take in a new and gorgeous part of your state, then this road trip is for you—especially if you’re a fan of Westerns. A drive through Central Texas will take you through deep canyons, past far-away horizons, and alongside clear rivers. It’s the Texas that Hollywood knows and loves, and you can experience if first-hand from the comfort of your Kia Sorento.


Farthest –  Blue Ridge Parkway


If you want something that’s the complete opposite of that dry, Texas landscape, make the trek towards North Carolina for a leisurely drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. This famous Appalachian road runs through North Carolina and Virginia along the Blue Ridge Mountains. You’ll ride past plenty of high, steep lookouts where you’ll see luscious foliage for miles. Once you witness that site firsthand, you’ll understand why they’re called the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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