Three Must-Use Tire Maintenance Tips

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Tire maintenance is an extremely important part of car ownership. It increases both safety and efficiency. Fortunately, with the right tips, tire maintenance is easy to practice. Use these tips from Crown Kia of Longview to keep your tires in perfect shape.



You can often spot wear on your tires just by looking them over. Get in the habit of checking your tires for cracks, bumps, tears, or worn tread every time you stop for gas. Tread is probably too worn down if you can place a penny in it upside down and still see any part of Lincoln’s head.



Learning to feel for strange behavior on the road is a great way to watch for signs of damage of any kind. If you feel vibrations or pulling to one side or the other, that may be an indication that your tires need some attention.



Whether or not you’ve been noticing signs of tire trouble, it’s still important to get regular service to your tires and wheels. Getting a tire rotation every 5,000-7,000 miles will help them wear evenly, while getting your wheels aligned may resolve any issues with pulling.


If you’re noticing issues with your tires and wheels, or have any questions about the best way to care for your tires, don’t hesitate to call us at Crown Kia of Longview.

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