Best Racing Games of 2018

Racing games

Start Your Engines

If you’re a gamer who also loves racing, then you’re in luck. Crown Kia of Longview is here to update you on the best racing games so far of 2018.

Forza Horizon 3

This racing game staple places a ton of emphasis on freedom. Since there’s no set track, you can drive wherever you want and explore the digital (but very realistic-looking) landscape.


This brand-new game takes the experience off the track and onto the roads less traveled, hence the name. If you like to take your chance going through deserts and mountains, this is the game for you.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Nothing beats Mario Kart – except itself! The newest version of Mario Kart has new characters and vehicles to choose from, plus updated tracks. It will always be the perfect party game for you and your friends.

Project Cars 2

This video game emulates the real racing experience, so it’s perfect if you are a racing expert. You’re required to brake and steer with careful attention as if you were on a real race track. Plus, the building and selection of your car matters.


While this game isn’t quite about cars, it’s still about racing vehicles. The vehicles in this game are ATVs, and you not only have to race towards the finish line but complete objectives along the way, making it even more of a challenge.

If you’d like to take your racing off the gaming console an onto the streets, then check out our lineup of Kia vehicles at Crown Kia of Longview in Longview, TX.

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