Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for Fall in North Texas

Ready For FallIf you’re in the Tyler, Texas area, you might not have to worry much about snow as summer comes to an end, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect seasonal car maintenance. As the cooler months of the year draw near, be sure to follow these tips for getting your car ready for fall.


Assess your vehicle’s tires


The beginning of fall is a great time to check up on your car’s tires. You should check for correct tire pressure and alignment, as well as adequate tread on all tires, including a spare. If your car’s tires are looking worn out, it could be time to replace them all.


Change oil


Regularly changing your vehicle’s oil is a great way to keep it running year after year. You should replace your car’s oil a few times a year, and doing so seasonally is a good way to remember to stay on top of it.


Wash and wax


Keeping your car clean isn’t just about looking good. Washing and waxing your car actually serves to protect your vehicle’s exterior from corrosive build-up that is more common in the fall and winter, so as summer reaches an end, make sure you hit the car wash.


For more heavy-duty service jobs, be sure to bring your vehicle to Crown Kia of Longview, where we are here to help.


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