Why You Should Get Dealership Service for Your Car

Dealership Service

Getting regular maintenance done on your car is one of the most important parts of car ownership, and where you get it done matters. You might think there’s not much difference between going to the dealership or a corner garage besides the price, but actually there are plenty of reasons why you should get dealership service.


For one thing, dealership technicians receive extensive and ongoing training to make sure they have comprehensive knowledge of your vehicle, unlike independent mechanics, who have to be able to work on cars from the majority of automakers and therefore have less specific and specialized knowledge.

You also want to consider that dealership technicians have immediate access to safety recall bulletins, and they’ll usually make repairs or change out parts that have been recalled by the manufacturer at no cost to you. This isn’t a service you can expect at an independent shop.


Dealers are also equipped with the latest in repair technologies and have their equipment updated regularly, something most corner garages can’t afford to do. Plus, dealers are much more likely to have factory original parts in stock to speed up your repair process, where an independent garage will often have to order the right parts, which could take days.


The one big advantage of corner garage service most people cite is the lower price, but even that’s not true in every case. It’s true that corner garages often have less expensive parts because they’re generic, and the overall prices might be lower because they don’t have the same advanced equipment as dealerships.

But dealerships are held to different, higher standards than independent shops when it comes to honoring warranties, and you could be eligible for loyalty discounts or other deals when you service with the same dealer you bought your car from. All of these factors can save you money in the long run.

The next time your vehicle needs service or repairs, bring it to Crown Kia of Longview.

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