How to Protect Your Car from Sun Damage

Protect your car from sun damage

Down here in Texas, we might not get the snow and road salt other states do during the winter, but that doesn’t mean vehicles in the Lone Star state aren’t susceptible to weather damage. Those bright, sunny days can do a number to your car in more ways than you’d expect. Follow these tips to protect your car from sun damage.

  • The interior of cars on a bright, hot day can exceed 145 °F, so use a windshield sunshade to keep the temperature low when it’s parked.
  • Shade may be in short supply depending on where you park, but if you can find some, even if it means extra walking, take advantage of it. It will save your car’s skin.
  • To protect your car’s interior, install seat covers. Use conditioner if you have leather seats.
  • Keep dirt off your car’s surface which will dull and scratch the paint by hand-washing your car often, and then drying it with a soft cloth. Wax it for extra protection.
  • Have a protective film installed on your car to protect it from UV light.
  • Tinting your windows will keep your car cool and interior safer from sun damage.

By protecting your car when it’s sunny outside, your vehicle will look like new for years to come.

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