Kia V-Touch Will Get Rid Of Touchscreens

2018 Kia Stinger GT2 | Longview, TX

The Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES, is where brands from all over the world come to show off their latest inventions. In recent years, automakers have started to bring their new technology to party with other tech brands at the Las Vegas event. At the 2019 show this January, Kia introduced the Kia V-Touch, a way to talk to your car without a touchscreen.

Instead of using a touchscreen, buttons, dials, or touchpads to communicate with your Kia’s infotainment systems, Kia V-Touch uses 3D cameras to track your hand and eye movements. From there, the computer translates gestures and glances into commands. For example, if you want to move between music and map applications, you could possibly hold your hand in front of the infotainment display and swipe left or right in the air. Instead of searching for volume controls, you can just mime turning the music up or down with an invisible dial.

The current technology concept at CES would rely on you learning some basic command gestures, but most of them are similar to what you would do on a physical screen anyway. You have a while to learn, though, because the V-Touch is not yet scheduled for inclusion on new Kia models. Right now, Kia plans to include V-Touch in vehicles that feature upcoming advanced self-driving technology.

To learn more about Kia’s incredible technology, visit Crown Kia of Longview.

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