Top Haunted Houses near Longview to See This Year

Longview Haunts

September and October can be some of the most fun months of the entire year, especially if you’re a fan of all things scary. Here in Longview, there’s no shortage of haunted attractions to explore.

Whether you’re hoping to stay close to home or are willing to make a short drive, here are our picks for the top haunted houses near Longview.


Graystone Haunted Manor

Graystone Haunted Manor

Previous home of the long-ago-exiled Graystones, this location includes three haunted locales: The Manor, Oak Raven Cemetery, and the Labyrinth of Time. More info here.


DDoc Wilkes House of Horrorsoc Wilkes House of Horrors

Doc Wilkes himself is a famed local magician and escape artist who turns his attention to horrors each year. More info here.




Terror Nights Haunted House Terror Nights Haunted House

Nearby in Tyler, this option includes both the Chisel Tooth Manor and the Nightmare Factory in 3D. More info here.



NecroManor Haunted HouseNecroManor Haunted House

One of the largest haunted houses is just an hour away in Shreveport! NecroManor is sure to scare!  More info here.


Be sure to drive safely, and don’t forget that winter is just around the corner! For winter driving safety tips or for more suggestions on local attractions, follow Crown Kia of Longview.

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